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Searching for a specific 2+2?
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TOPIC: Searching for a specific 2+2?
Searching for a specific 2+2? 7 Years, 5 Months ago  
Recently a member sent the following inquiry:
"Though I don't own any 2+2s now, I did own 2 of them. The one which I am most interested in researching was a 1965 421HO 4spd w TriPower, Pwr windows, reverb, console, man steer, man brakes, 8lugs etc

I lived in Yonkers, NY and bought it from the Zannelli family also in Yonkers.

The original color was Burgundy red w black interior and black vinyl roof...

Is there any way of finding out about this car?"

I am publishing this response for all Registry users, because many of you are not aware of the search function available.
One can narrow a search for a specific car or group of cars in the 2+2 Registry using the following steps

1. click into the "Registry" tab at the upper right
2. click "Search Users" at the upper right
3. narrow your search criteria by selecting the dropdown next to each line that applies. Leave "No preference" for those that are unknown.
4. click "Find Users"

As an example, for the request above, I selected the following :
Username - no preference
VIN# - no preference
Year - "is" 1965
Body Style - no preference (because I do not have that info. If I did it would narrow the results)
Engine - "is" 421 CI - 376 HP
Transmission - "is" 4-speed manual
Current mileage - - no preference

I did not enter "Burgundy" as a color because many of the cars registered have had a color change. I ask that owners record their cars as they left the factory, but I can't be sure that they are all correct, so I am not using that as a search criterion.

The example above yielded 10 cars fitting that description. Fortunately, in this case, all 10 cars have a complete VIN. That is always helpful, so I encourage registrants to offer the VIN info.

It would also enhance the usability of the search function if you include accurate info on factory options on your car. It would be nice if we could narrow the search, for instance, and quantify how many 2+2's had 8-lug wheels (power brakes / steering, etc.) from the factory. Again, if your car left the factory with a 4-barrel carb but has added Tri-Power, please register it as the 4-bbl but enter a remark ("now Tri-Power") under "Car Details".

Play with the search function yourself, if only to find how many 2+2's are similar to your own. It can also help you narrow down which registrants you might want to contact with a tech question, or to help in a parts or vendor search. That's what this site was built for - as a helpful community for like-minded car enthusiasts, and to preserve the 2+2 legacy.
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