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Welcome to the Pontiac 2+2 Registry. After a year of work, we are finally “Ready for Prime Time”. This site and the community it represents are dedicated to the gathering and dissemination of information related to Pontiac 2+2's.


I feel certain that I speak for all of us who love and collect these special cars when I say that they exemplified Big Pontiac street performance. GTO's, Firebirds & Trans Am's deserve their place in the Pontiac Pantheon, but the 2+2's proved that "Bigger Is Better".

OldInjun's 2+2


It is my goal to record data on every Pontiac 2+2 possible. I urge all of you to contribute any articles, pictures, web links, personal remembrances, etc. which might interest 2+2 aficionados. I welcome any constructive feedback on this site, but please bear in mind that not every suggestion is feasible.


Lastly, there is a discussion forum designed to enhance communication among registered owners. Let's keep it about cars, and maintain a positive and mutually respectful tone. We all have our own personal views on politics, religion, the weather – whatever. The beauty of the internet is that there is a venue for discussion on any topic, so I would ask that those views be expressed elsewhere. This forum is about Pontiac 2+2's.




Jack "OldInjun" Anderson

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