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Beech Grove

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copier service tech

Car Basics

421 CI - 376 HP
3-Speed Manual
Blue Mist Slate
Blue Charcoal

Car Details

dis assembled
Long story. I was able to purchase my car when I was 17 for $2500.00 It had a 72,400 miles at the time. I talked the owner into including the 421. I did not know which 421 it was. We had to drive 1.5 hrs north of Indy to his warehouse where the 421 sat in a corner. I cleaned the block to see the magical WJ. :) My dad did not understand that I hit the jackpot. I drove it from '82 until '91 when she blew a head gasket. Time to put her back together again.
Made 1st week May 1965. Block, heads and intake cast 3rd and 4th week April.
Sold new from Culp Motor sales in LaGrange Indiana.
Options are 421HO TI ignition, 3-speed manual and 3:73 posi. 99.999 % sure it is the original engine.
Blue Mist Slate with Blue Charcoal interior and a black top.
Most of the interior lights and real out trunk. AM radio rear speaker.
Gauges and wood wheel. Deluxe wipers.
I have owned it since Sept. 1982.
I would like to thank Jack for the registry because I have an obsession with 2+2's and this is a way to connect with other "duece" owners.
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